Debian OpenSSL Fuckup

“A flaw in the way that OpenSSL is implemented in the Ubuntu and Debian distributions of Linux have earned the software an unenviable adjective in the world of encryption: Predictable.

On Tuesday, the team behind the popular Ubuntu distribution of Linux announced that it had issued a patch to fix a flaw inadvertently added to the OpenSSL code which dramatically reduced the number of possible keys generated by the software. While the flaw is in OpenSSL, the same code is used to generate keys for a number of other popular programs, including OpenSSH, OpenVPN and SSL certificates.

“All OpenSSH and X.509 keys generated on such systems must be considered untrustworthy, regardless of the system on which they are used, even after the update has been applied,”
Source: SecurityFocus

More on Packetstorm and Metasploit


~ by Balle on May 16, 2008.

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